Investigation and Watch Services

Our investigation watch service is focused on helping our client to protect their IP rights from infringement and passing off by keeping vigilant over their IP applications/registrations.

Under Our watch service program, we can alert our clients about a potential violation of their Intellectual Property rights.

Our investigations are based on detailed and actionable intelligence report founded on thorough process of inquiry, interviews, research, sample purchase, obtention of evidence, market survey, and physical visitation.

Our investigation watch service report will provide:

  1. Details of any statutory registrations or protections
  2. Particulars of the proprietor of the cited mark or infringer
  3. Description of the goods or services covered under the mark or rights been investigated
  4. The geographical channels of distribution, strength and scope of use
  5. Date of first use, date of last use and if cited mark is still in use or not
  6. Legal opinion on the chances of success and available options of tackling the problem that will assist right owners analyse the best option to take.