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At IPI WATCH SERVICES, we fully understand the essence of conducting searches that is why we advise our clients as a crucial first step, to determine the availability of a mark or other intended IP right prior to use.

We provide a full range of IP and corporate search services for foreign IP law firms, corporate organisations, individuals and brand owners.

Our search types include:
  • Availability search:  This comprises of a comprehensive search of the index card, register and physical file at the registry to determine if the proposed mark or IP right intended to be registered or used does not conflict with an identical or similar right that has been filed or registered earlier.
  • Registrability Search:This type of search is conducted prior to registration to determine if the proposed mark or IP right is registrable under the appropriate laws.
  • Corporate Search: If the name of a cited company is in conflict with an earlier registered trademark, An application under section 31(4) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 can be made to strike off the company name which is similar or identical to the existing trademark.
  • Screening Search: This type of search is limited to the client’s instructions.
  • Comprehensive Search: This search type will advise on the strategy used to conduct the search, specification of goods and services the search was conducted with, similar or identical company name or trademark search, legal advice on how client can overcome the problems associated with the findings on the cited marks or other IP rights.

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